How have you developed your team to achieve your goals?

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In business, teamwork is the foundation stone on which a business and connections or relationships are built. This award will recognise and champion great teamwork within the small business community.

The team of the year award will recognise a team where each and every member of the team plays a fundamental role in delivering success.

The winning team will be a group of people who have worked together to achieve a shared goal. They should be able to demonstrate shared values and a genuine connection to each other.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes, so it could be a team within your business, your whole business team or a collaboration with another business.

This will be awarded to the business demonstating the best teamwork determined to be the best based on the following criteria:

  • How teamwork shows up in your business
  • Initiatives taken to develop your team
  • Your core values
  • Your biggest challenge

Please complete the application form below to enter this category (including questions relating to the above criteria). NB There is no need to log in to a Gmail account to complete your application (unless you want to save it).